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Homaya USB charging station

Homaya USB charging station



  • Voltage range :  12V to 27V dc
  • Number of inputs: Two units of 12V DC
  • Recommended solar panel wattage: 75Wp


  • Output port type: USB 2.0
  • Number of charging ports: 10
  • Port 1 & 2: 5V DC , 2A (Ideal for charging tablets, I-phones & I-Pads)
  • Ports 3-10: 5V DC, 1A

Protections available

  • Solar panel reverse polarity
  • Output short circuit
  • Output over voltage
  • Output Over current
  • Input surge


Supports charging of any mobile phone or tablet
•Has two 2A outputs and eight 1A outputs for charging tablets, smartphones, I-phones
•Can be used to charge USB compatible devices like radio or pocket FM

Plug & play

  • Standard 5.5V DC USB output for charging any device
  • Compact & easily portable

Additional solar panel compatibility

  • Can upgrade to additional solar panel in case of increased loads
  • Can take any Wp of solar panel. However 75Wp is the recommended solar panel size

Modes of charging

  • Can charge from any 12V DC source
  • Can be charged from charge controller, battery or solar panel


Any USB compatible device can be charged and any 12V port can charge!
Devices capable of being charged from USB hub
•Mobiya TS170
•Simple mobile phones


Solar charging station for different USB-compatible devices: mobile phones, Mobiya lanterns etc.