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Vivace – Single Fuse Connection Unit

Vivace – Single Fuse Connection Unit

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range Vivace
device short name KB30
product or component type Fuse connection unit
device presentation Complete mechanism


Colour tint White
material Polycarbonate: grid plate
Polycarbonate: surround
Polycarbonate: base
projecting depth 8 mm
device mounting Surface
mounting support Wall mounted
fixing mode By screw M3.5
fixing center 60.3 mm
embedding depth 35 mm
rated current 13 A at 250 V AC, resistive
network frequency 50 Hz
contacts material Brass and phosphor bronze
connections – terminals Pillar terminal
terminal identifier L out
N out
L in
N in
tightening torque 0.4 N.m
clamping connection capacity 2 x 4 mm² incoming
3 x 2.5 mm² incoming
1 x 1.5 mm² outgoing
1 x 2.5 mm² input
width 87 mm
height 87 mm


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